Ultimate mind mapping. Solve a problem. Develop an idea.

Because the world needs socially emotionally intelligent thinkers.
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Moshe, Not mushy. 

Here social emotional intelligence is called
Soshe Moshe  (so/she mo/she).

Emotions are commonly misunderstood as mushy.

Moshe is anything but mushy.

She is our chandler of wisdom, an everyday fear slayer.

The world needs your inner Soshe Moshe.

Clueberry World is giving the gift of looking inside yourself and seeing how great they are instead of the being caught by the monsters. Clueberry kids are kids for change!


10 years old, Student

A necessity on everyone’s shelf!

Heather Laurance

Principal, New Visions School, Portland OR

Millions and millions of kids need the clueberry program!

John Assaraf

CEO NeuroGym, PraxisNow, San Diego CA

Clueberry World is brilliant. It’s Life Visioning for kids.

Dr. Michael Beckwith

Founder, Agape International , Culver City, CA

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