Q & A

What happens after I create a profile?

When you create a profile, it gives you access to all the features of Soshe Moshe.

Features of your profile.

You will be able to:
-add a profile picture
-a header
-write and share posts
-support other members by giving them soshe moshe (our “liking system”)
-share a video or image
-share your profile to other social media sites

Benefits of your profile.
You can be able to:

join groups that interest you related to your SEL interest: parenting, politics, education, media, mental health, addiction, etc., comment on them and share tips, ideas, resources with a specific group

create and lead your own groups: start a conversation and lead a new group.

– Access the Design Studio. Members can access a private store where they can create their own merchandise. Have a saying you always use? Put it on a Tshirt and add it your post. Have a system you use to teach SEL? Customize your own infographic. We personally loaded images, fonts, and created an app that connects to your social media if you want to add your photos.

Bonus benefits: 

Your profile is your profile username is automatically added as an affiliate ID.  This means if a post you write results in a sale of a product you designed, or an Clueberry SEL product, you earn commission.

Your profile is also where your badges are posted by the site. Actions turn into your levels and badges which give you benefits like a higher commission.

In short: your profile is where you create your SEL identity!

Please note: Your username is key. Create something unique.

What would I create a group?
This speaks to what emotional intelligence means. It’s the foundation of how we speak to ourselves, what drives our mindsets, how we solve problems, how we set goals, how prior setbacks effect us today, who we want to be become. Often it’s a specific area of social emotional learning that creates our unique identity. The way to learn and grow is to teach and the way to teach is to write and share a discussion.


Topics for groups relate to your interests:

– mindset
-learning styles
-living with OCD
-success and achievement
-parenting middle school
-parenting high school
-SEL strategies for Math
-SEL strategies for home
-eating disorders

What would my posts be about?



Writing a post is where you share your Soshe Moshe (your own emotional intelligence). Aim to share wisdom. Aim to offer perspectives. Posts can be work related, parent related, a media trigger, how a social snafu was resolved, etc.

Posts can be images, videos, or text.

How Posting Works: 

Like any social media platform, share your thoughts via a post, image or video. In Soshe Moshe these are purely inspirations, wisdom, insights and perspectives.

What kind of posts?
Soshe Moshe doesn’t mean mushy.It means real. The good, the bad, the ugly of the relationship between our inner and outer world.

Topics include:
relationship to self, relationship other other, relationship to the world, relationship with environment.

Clueberries, not emojis. 
Instead of “liking” or “loving” or typical emojis, community members are getting a clue from you, so they give you what they got by clicking one of the four clueber9ies:

Note: Connect a post to a product and if results in a sale, you’ll see money in your paypal. This all happens automatically on the backend. Your actions result in badges (you’ll see them appear on your profile) which increase your affiliate percentage. Again, all automatic. All you have to do is take action and points accumulate into badges: post, create a group, give clues to other posts, share all have values associated with them (on the backend).

I just want to join but not create content.

Anyone can join as a member who reads, learns, comments, rates, adds to discussions in a community. Creating content is optional.

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