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Get Moshe. Sign into Clue School® (free)Instant access. Animated video lessons. Digital notebook of of emotional intelligence principles. Use what you learn in the Moshe community. Build stronger bonds with kids and yourself. Enter Clue School You're in (you'll notice there's more content as you progress)
Step 1.
Watch each Clue School video. Each video has a resources tab below to expland your knowledge even further.

Use the skills learned to:

  • increase your emotional intelligence literacy in parenting
  • start a discussion in the So/she Mo/she community with other moms (more on that below)
Step 2.
Share your thoughts on each topic in the So/she Mo/she community. Just create a profile and start posting! 
Step 3.
Instead of “liking” members tell you what clues you gave them with your post, like inspiration, clarity, wisdom  or a different angle (perspective).


Step 4.
It’s all about taking action to share your wisdom, insight, clarity and your perspectives. So, the more you learn, the more you earn. Every action you take turns into points, which become badges that advance you through 8 SEL Mastery levels.

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