Soshe Moshe is a nickname for Social Emotional learning. Here in Clueberry World, you can give a clue or get a clue.

What is a clueberry? A socially emotionally intelligent state of mind. In Clueberry World, there are eight.


  • flare clueberry: your insights
  • shube clueberry: your perspective
  • fliangle clueberry: your wisdom
  • mircle clueberry: your idea
  • zar clueberry: your tools
  • loval clueberry: your love or fear
  • zectangle clueberry: your clarity
  • flone clueberry: your resources

I wanted to merge 2 major needs for moms:  In 2003, as a teacher I knew that emotional intelligence was desperately needed for my students as a foundation for happier, more confident foundation for learning. Since my first year in teaching I began developing a curriculum that would effectively teach the very abstract skills of emotional intelligence learning.

I set out to create a method that has been tested for 10 years with a wide range of students: urban schools, suburban schools, at risk youth, high school, middle school, special education students and gifted and talented. As a mom (a single mom with full custody for over 5 years) this has not been an easy feat. Now a Ph.D. student in School Psychology, I am working with a group of researchers, educators and professionals in the field of educational psychology.

Emotional intelligence is the fabric of our being. It’s determines the conversations we have with ourselves.

For years in education, teachers saw corporations, edTech investors, or entrepreneurs who saw the trendy topic popping up and wanted to stay relevant claim to be experts in this subject. I knew emotional intelligence learning was much more than a speech on a stage by a cheesy entrepreneur hoping to use the topic to stay relevant, or a lame app that was (ironically) used alone, or a topic that venture capitalists and corporations could leverage to get their fingers on edTech investment dollars in the name of helping students.

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